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... I will say again that is very important for a human being to know that places, where he was going for swimming, for fishing or for climbing up to the marbles of Apollonas Temple’s Gate, carry myths and history and have inspired poets, dramatists, writers, musicians, painters, sculptors all over Europe and all over the world.
Foreigners, pored over Ancient Greece, scientists, writers, artists or just fervent admirers although being themselves far away from the own country. We, Greeks, live, with no break for thousands of years, here, in the same nature, in the same atmosphere and in the beget conditions of life that conduced to the civilization of Greece.
Foreigners have to travel from far away so as to see the monuments, that we can see in the way to our jobs or to our homes or every time we go for a Sunday walk. We inherited the privilege to have relatives, friends and neighbors with names as Ariadne, Phaedra, Iason, Achilles, Paris, Eleni, Menelaus, Elli, Frixos, Calypso, Odysseus, Nausica, Hercules, Athena, Ares, Demeter, Aphrodite and so many others, very usual names for Greek people. But the most important of all is that we speak the same language, in which Homer wrote Iliad and Odyssey...

I used to believe and still believe that our country is the most beautiful country in the world. No other country is endued with a nature full of pure, natural beauty and with equal treasures of civilization. Naxos is an authentic affirmation of all that.

Iakovos Stef. Kampanellis  Theatrical Writer, Academician

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