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Taste of Naxos

Each island has its own sense of taste and its own cooking.
The cuisine of Naxos is famous for its simplicity, variety but above all, for a great strong taste that is a result of the abundance of fresh material. Herbs, exceptional olive oil and high quality meat are produced on the island.

Naxos is famous for products such as potatoes, dairy products, citrus, wine, thyme honey and many other showing that Naxos has a tradition of quality Greek cuisine and pastry making.

The housewives
of Naxos have learned to keep the taste balance, to respect the clock of nature and create with passion and imagination dishes that look like works of art, leaving the visitors of the island astonished and putting Naxos at the forefront of Cycladic cooking. Correct Diet was and is an important part of our lives because, as my friend and Frenchman gastronome B. Savarin said «Nothing is more precious in the universe than life and everything, that live, needs of  food».

Some of the dishes you can enjoy in Naxos is “provatses” with pork, “patoudo”, Rosto, rooster in wine, traditional cheesepie, frikasse of lamb and the seafood lovers can taste plenty of fresh fish, astakomakaronada( spaggeti with lobster), saganaki(fried cheese) mussels, squid roasted and many others will remain unforgettable for the excellent quality and taste.

Andriana R.

Ναξώτισα μαγείρισα Μπάτουδο
Ελιές, μάζεμα Η Νάξο κυρίαρχη στα γαλακτομικά προϊόντα
Βαρέλια με κρασί Νάξου Ψάρια Νάξου
Μαγείρισα Νάξου Πατάτες Νάξου
Μέλι Νάξου Επίβλεψη κυψέλης


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