Naxos has a vivid nightlife. And it  was not possible the island of  goodtime, dance and music, not to have a good nightlife.
The island of Ariadne gives us pleasant night roaming and unexpected discoveries for all styles and all ages.

The sunset… opens the "night appetites" literally and figuratively.

Restaurants with Greek and foreign cuisine, quaint taverns and “ouzeri” are scattered in every corner of the island, ready to serve out local delicacies and snacks, even for the most demanding appetite.

After eating, the tour to the nightlife of Naxos can begin.

For the romantic ones, quietly bars for a drink «emerge» next to the wave in and beyond the city. The overlooking to the sea, the lights of the opposite Paros, under the full of stars sky, with the music and the soft sounds of jazz, soul, blues music bring a romantic mood to everyone.
Big dance clubs and bars in the central beach and in the alleys of the city with rock, pop, Greek music create an atmosphere for an intense and wild fun.

But we could not ignore the nightlife of the villages in Naxos.
Here things are very simple…
Someone can start with a walk in the alleys of the village (more than ten times)and after that can sit in a tavern in the square of the village and have “greek Souvlaki” and beer. At last,  he can go to a bar, for a drink and a nice island good time..


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