The swimming suit I used to wear had the color of the sky.
The sun was touching me.
I was stepping on the soil, mingled with light sand and shinny pieces of emery, that used to be in the rusted rails of the aerial Railway
In the end of the Big Pier, everyone was there. Shadowed  by the sun figures, almost bodiless, but happy and laughing. And behind them the sea.......
Endless, crystal, blue  with islands in the skyline
They was looking to me and waited. I started to run, I was I was flighting. No barriers. The crew opened and I jumped to the air to find myself in the paradise waters.....

My mot
her woke me up to tell me , I succeed to university

Matina Margariti. Moutsouna of my dreams
The seaport of Aperathiou.

Moutsouna is intertwined with the history of emery in the 20th  century. The port was the centre of loading emery, at times, especially by the Second World War, when the emery was a key export product of Greece.

In the road from the Aperathou to Moutsouna, we have the opportunity to follow the path of «Aviation», air railroad, which transported emery from mining galleries, in the mountains, up the ladder loading in the port of Moutsoyna . The air rail of emery of Naxos is one of the leading industrial monuments in Greece.

Today, Moutsouna is mainly a tourist destination, which may be the centre for further exploration of Eastern and South-eastern coast of Naxos, with the beautiful and unspoilt beaches and even the majestic landscape, which combines mountains, and Small Cyclades ,towards the sea.

Sophia Katsourou

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