In the NW feet of Chrysostomou hill, in a distance of three kilometres from the town of Naxos, is built a beautiful small village called Agidia. It is situated amphitheatricallyup the hill, with its all-white church of St. Charalambos. The village face the front fertile plain of Livadia, Chora and the blue sea.

It has about 300 residents, who mainly deal with livestock, agriculture and viticulture.
The road from Agidia to Chora, is full of ancient and medieval monuments that bear witness and old history.

Such monuments are the old monastery «To Fraro», which has been built in 14th A.C.century, the ancient aqueduct of Lygdami, a medieval fountain, the ruins of the Early Christian church of St.Stefanou and Venetian turrets. All are fold with legends and tales.

Many things testify that the area was the "countryside" of representatives of the city (Chora) in ancient times.

Ioannis Anevlavis

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