Acadimoi: village of Community apartment Halkeion. All around the village are olive trees and many other trees.

In the Acadimoi is situated the Tower of Markopoliti, the Kotsampasi of Naxos on Ottoman domination, that in the 1801 was hung by their Turks in Mitilini for his revolutionary action.

This Tower a hanging bridge, and with the Tower of Keramiou is the only towers that were not built from Venetians. In Acadimoi had the seat and the Greek School of Halkeion, in which had served as the principal of the school the founder of Experimental School of University of Athens Nikolaos Exarhopoulos.

In this village they situated also the Byzantine Church “Eisodia of Virgin Mary” that celebrates on 21 November and is a local feast as well as the Church of Saint Nikolaos.

From the Akadimo came Academic Ioannis Papadakis, a Scientist of international fame with long and very important career in Greece and in the abroad while it occupied high positions in maximum inquiring centres in a lot of countries and in international organisms of UN that had relation with the climate and the agricultural capabilities of many countries of world.

From this village came also Antonios Barotsis Member of Greek Parliament, the second in command of Greek Army Jakovos Vazaios and Major Generals Antonios Patsarisis and Konstantinos Papadakis, with important national action.

In this village two watermills are situated: Barotsi and Gkoufa and a olive press. All the houses have gardens and wells.

Ioannis Posantzis

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