In the central Naxos between two streams and an olive forest, a small village is located, named Vourvouria .
It is a graphic dorp that most maps do not include, but you will meet it in the way to mountainous and central Naxos.
The name Vourvouria is the sound of the nature and a verse of a poem.
"Vourvouria'" took the name after the noise of the running continuously waters or after the plants bulrush (vourla) that grow up in the riversides. Men of art and literature said that the village should be named “heaven” or “Mesopotamia” (area between two rivers).  In the decade of 1950 the village was full of life and 150 person lived there, between them 40 children. Today  village has 20 houses and 25 permanent residents.

The architecture, in most houses  is uniform.
Mansions, whitewashed, stone houses with pountia (big balconies), volta (arches), and courtyards compose the village. It is said that all  houses were built by the same workman.

In the dorp,  3 old olive presses remain , showing  the occupation of residents and the  production of oil in the past years.

Come to Vourvouria and walk through the alleys. Begin from Agia Paraskevi church , follow the shady path, full of lilacs, oranges, olives and bullaces. In a little bit you will reach the other Agia Paraskevi church in the next hill. Light the vigil-candle and see the villages in the silver olive grove. If you pass from the square, in your way to the river, will meet the rosemary. You will see  wells and old wash-houses.

The water still runs, satisfying the villagers thirst .
The beat of the battledore is still  heard,  as if  the landlords are still washing clothes  .If you are lucky, in your walk, you will meet Giorgi of Koula. He is the "Grandfather" of village, who will make a small basket for you, tell you a fairy tale ,talk with you for life or just give you his bless.
In the afternoon, if you meet a resident with keys in his hand you, you will  know that he goes to light on the vigil-candles of the village churches .

Village churches: Saint Prokopios (built at 1809-1810) and is the parish church, Saint Georgios (1762), Agia Paraskevi(1397), and Saint Konstantinos (1311), which reveal the presence of Vourvourja in the Byzantine season.
On the 8th of July,  Saint Prokopios fest is celebrated, Then you will hear the sound of the village bells and and you can take part in the procession of the old icon around the village. The smell of incense is pervasive in the air, all over the village .

Many residents migrated from this  small village of Naxos.
But all of them are dreaming of their return in this big "Paradise" of Naxos island, named Vourvouria.

Ι. Μ. S.

Οδός Βουρβουριά Η γύρα  των εικόνων την ημέρα του Αγίου Προκοπίου
Σοκάκι με τις πασχαλιές  Μεθύρι σε χιονισμένο τοπίο
 Χιονίζει στη Βουρβουριά  Παλαιό ελαιοτρβείο (Τριό)
Τζενεριές Αγία Παρασκευή
Ο δρόμος προς το πηγάδι Παράθυρο κάτω από την πασχαλιά 
 Το πηγάδι ανακαινισμένο Οι γούρνες που έπλεναν οι νοικοκυρές 

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