Houses, almost fifty
Built in the grade
To Agia Irini
Two wells and one three
Damalas one small

peacefull village

"Stefanos Ι. Struvalis"

Damalas is a small village that is located in distance roughly 14 km from Chora in the way to Tragaia.

Damalas, is situated amphitheatrically in foot of hill “La(g)ou the Voyni'" and is visible from a lot of points of  Naxos.

Appreciable monuments at Damalas are:
The Church of Agia Eirini, built in 1800. In side the church the visitor can see elaborate marble chancel screen/iconostasis, the beautifully made wooden partition of gynaikonitis (a place inside the church only for women) and marvellous marble baptistery.

In the northwest end of village is situated the old olive press, which was restored, with initiative of residents, in 2000 and it functions. In the old olive press (trio) you can see the perfect architecture of the building and the instruments of that season... Mainly you can live as triatoras working in the “roll” and in “ergati”. Entry is free.

In the entry of village there is a traditional pottery place.

Schoolteacher Manolis S. Promponas




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