Danakos is a mountain village in the Eastern side of Naxos.
Two versions exist for the name of the village.The first one says that, Danaoi lived for the first time at the particular location and the second that in the area grew a lot of canes (danax). Skilful craftsmen used them to make cane manufactures and they supplied the entire island and not only.

The place is very beautiful. The village is built in a glen between two mountainsides. The waters of Vrisi, (source), revive persons, animals and ground. In platans, in oaks, in walnut all sorts of birds make their nest. Oranges, mandarins, figs, cherry-sours give colour to the landscape. Seven watermills exist but do not function anymore. The residents are millers, builders of Stone - best in the island - and cattle-breeders. With their cheese someone can taste all the perfumes of nature. With their song - are famous versifiers - you conceive the difficulty of everyday routine. People are calm, full of sweetness as the landscape, despite the cruelty of the stone.

When you leave Danakos, you have already remembered how to love again.
Floraka Haido


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