Zoodochos Pigi

Zoodochos Pigi
Cheimaros - Tsikalario

Zoodochos Pigi is a settlement in the road Chalkeion - Potamia - Naxos and at a distance of 1.100 m.. The village belongs to the Municipal Office of Chalkeion.Two villages consist the settlement, Cheimaros, Tsikalario, with a population of about 100 residents each.

The villages have a conjunct parish church and a conjunct Elementary School.

In the entrance of  Tsikalario, next to the famous spring is St. Stephen church  with frescoes of the 6th century.

To the North is situated the country church St. Pachomios known as St. Pachis(fat) because weak/thin children used to pass through the lintel-marble-so as to get more strong. In 1213 Angelos Sanoudos forbidden this custom but he was forced to bring it back because the residents of the near villages rose up angainst it.

At a distance of 880m to the West is situated the Byzantine and the later Venetian castle "Apano Castle" with ruins of Byzantine and Franc churches, Cyclopean walls and imposing crenellations. In the eastern foothills of the Castle were discovered round tombs of geometric Era. Findings of excavations are hosted in Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Tsikalario, in antiquity, was the workshop place of the inhabitants of the castle, hence the name. (Tsikali = Clay cooking utensil).
The name of the village Cheimaros comes from the river which flows in winter and spring near the village.

George Salteris
School teacher Zoodochou

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