Kaloxylos, with roughly 100 residents, is located in Tragaia area in the centre of Naxos and constitutes with the villages/settlements Halki, Heimmaro, Tsikalario, Acadimoi, Kerami, Metohi and Monoitsia, the municipal apartment Halkeion of Municipality Drymalia Naxos.

The area is characterized by the beauty of nature and is full of olives, vines, platans, oaks and other fruiterer trees.

TGraphic alleys, nice houses, courtyards and  flowers constitutes the village picture.

In the village entry, is situated the imposing church of Saint Triada. Chapels pops up in the wider area, contemporary and Byzantine-time, with more considerably the Virgin Mary Damniotissa and the St Ioannis Theologos.

In the centre of village exists an olive press, that functioned up to the last years and was repaired recently and can be visited by whoever wants to.

Kaloxylos and the  natural environment of the area are considered as  an ideal place for walks and hike.

E.A Ispanopoulos

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