Kerami is one of the most beautiful places in Naxos. The village is next to the olive grove of Tragaia and near to the other all-white settlements. It is located in the middle of a road that leads from Halki to Filoti. In the past time Kerami was a small village of poor residents, with little fields and less animals. Now the village is full of new houses and young families with many children that  guarantee  the development of the village in the future

The visitor can relax and enjoy the view to beautiful clean houses and flowered gardens. He can see the tower of Markopoliti, that magnetizes the glance and he will tries to understand the history of the island and imagine how life was in the years of the submission by Francs and Venetians. The visitor wishes to see the interior of the Tower and no one can blame him for that.

The Tower is of architectural interest and nowadays operates as a museum, with precious figurative creations. If the visitor is lucky enough he will meet the current householder Mr Vasilis Kalavros, who will may give him a guided tour.

The tour in the village will be completed with the visit to the beautiful churches, Saint Apostles in Metohi and Saint Ioannis. Both of them are well conserved and are marvellous remnants of Byzantine season.

In the entry of village the main church of village, Taxiarhis, dominates. Next to the church, up the street, are situated hospitably cafes that can help the visitor to relax and enjoy a coffee, rake or a summertime refreshing drinks. There are also taverns for the visitor who wants to eat.

Helen Gratsia

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