The name Koronida determines the whole Community, not only the village. Probably took the name after the concept that is the main one of the many “towns” (small villages) that are situated in the area.

However, just by hearing the name “Komiaki”, someone thinks of the comedians. It is said that the residents of the village are of pleasant personality, with facetious disposal, with humour and they are famous for their jokes and playful remarks, as the comedians.

Koronida was also the name of Asclepiad mother, who gave birth to him after her affair with Apollo. Koronida is said that was living at Koronos mountain, in the higher top that now is situated Komiaki, above Skeponi and she is reported as one of the local nymphs of Naxos, Yades. That is to say the nymphs that had raised Dionysus and Zeus change them into the homonym constellation. Zeus entrusted three sisters, Koronida, Filia, Ckeidi with the raising of Young Dionysus so as to avoid Ira anger after his mother, Semeli, died. Voutis after he kidnapped Koronida he married her and Dionysus imposed her with holy fury, madness, so as to punish her.

The village is situated at the fertile glacis of "Koronos" mountain, at an altitude of 650 m, N, NE and NW of Naxos, in “Malliasmena Chorafia” point. In the feet of the village, is situated Podaria and impetuous torrents, Karioti, Koykoymavlas (Ai Giorgis), the Marinou, the Rodinon, the Romanos flow and delimit the village. Tranos Riakas River flows from Mavromari debouch into the sea, at the graphic bight of Apollonas.

The landscape is rough with rich vegetation of platans and oaks, with stubbles, ravines and dells that rotate, rocks are combined with the Traditional Islander Architecture with mitata, threshing floors and benches, tanks and ponds, gardens and “alitanes”, scattered country churches, Agia, Ampram, the Apollonas, the Areles, Kampos, Melinos, Myrisis,  Skeponi, Faraklos, Faneromeni, the Chilia Vrisi.... composing the graphic picture of village. Enjoy your swimming in the virgin beaches of settlements of Kororida. The Saint, the St.Codoros, the Ampram, the Apollonas, the Arelles, the Plain, the Melinos, the Platis Yialos, Stavri, Faneromeni, the Faraklos and the Chilia Vrisi are beaches near the village with clear, clean sea.

The visitor can enjoy local gastronomy in the taverns, the traditional “batoudo”, he can, also, drink wine made from the been famous vines and accompany it with tasty cheese as xinomizithra, kefalotyri or xinotyro, made from the milk of ovine of free pasturage. Get in touch with the islander music at the traditional cafes as the residents of Komiaki influence the musical events of  Naxos, mould and evolve the traditional music of the island per the centuries. Komiaki is a birthplace of  musical tradition, with the “Vitzileadistiko” dance and the “Komiakitiki Vlaha”.

Visit the traditional Komiaki, explore the Dateless Vaulted Mycenae Tomp in Axos valley, near Hostis tap, Kana with the Greek castles, Apollonas with the famous Kouro, a male stone statue of 11 metres, which was dedicated to god Dionysus, the monastery of Agia, the after Byzantine church of Teoskepasti, with age-long platan at the village square, the Byzantine church of Saint Nikolaos at Troullos point and the Monastery of Faneromeni of the 16th century.

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