.Your houses beautiful, small, companionate,
Foreigner in the ungrateful, inanimate concrete,
In the hills behind, in bulwark hidden
If fall above them the glance of pirates.
Roofs with lofts and wooden girders
From cut with moon apaliria',
Violins’ eerie gigantic you say bows,
Rhapsodize "Factitious of everything" art.
Streets sinuous, clean, paved with slabs,
That cover them here and there “stiasta”!
There the love the evenings wait
For two words of love in order to says in a hurry.

Verses from the poem of the G.Psarros titled "At Cesspools", collection "Poetry and Folklore, Folklore and poetry"

.. Koronos is one of the oldest, the bigger and the most mountainous villages of Naxos. The picturesqueness and the beauty of village are unique, discrete. Is located in the northeast part of island in distance of 30 km from Chora and the bigger part of it is built in the sides of one deep and green glen, for that it was named “ Votrhoi” (Cesspools) up to the 1932.

The village is separated in seven neighbourhoods that are:

I. The "Centre". It is located in the centre of village. In this exist "Platsa" with arbours, cafes, and characteristic "palace of" Mayor of that season and the big and  the central well of village.

II. The "Ane(g)yrida". It is the most beautiful place of village. Scrambled up on a green and abrupt mountainside, round a huge grey black rock, fills with awe and admiration whoever sees it. Characteristic of this neighbourhood are the very abrupt uphill roads with endless, cementations steps.

III. "Provolakia". Is a relatively small neighbourhood in the feet of "Anegyrida", with a small and narrow street sculptured alley in the abrupt side of "Ryaka".

IV. The "Apano Sterna". It is a small neighbourhood near in the "Centre" where in the past time was full of life.

V. The "Castle". It is a big enough neighbourhood, that is extended continuously because of the near to it road. In past years was said "Above neighbourhood".

VI. "Kato(g)eitonia" (neighbourhood ). Here, as tradition says , were built the first houses of village, in order not to be seen from the sea and not to be in danger by the pirates.

VII. The "Livadaki". It is an enough big and life full neighbourhood, with shops and cafes, with the church of Agia Marina but also the school of village. Behind the school is found the bakery of village and in front  of it the "Karampinados", in which, when with the a lot of rains in winter time was filled (opened) (run out water), the women of village went there to wash clothes.

Important factor of local economy existed for a lot of years the excavation of emery, that simply "is today maintained" and the export is enough limited while the residents henceforth deal mainly with the livestock-farming, the agriculture and the viticulture.

The extraordinary street plan and traditional architecture of the houses compose a breathtaking picture that it intensely refers in a village of  Pilion. Feasts and fests,  walks in the alleys  with stone terraces and the many steps under stiasta and arches at Kakanasi and the squares of village, the visit in the folklore museum, but also the acquaintance with the local products and dishes constitute indubitably a attractive proposal for the visitors. Traditional small cafes in “platsa” the village and in the street for Saint Marina wait for those who they want they try local sweets and “raki” while the traditional taverns in the Brigde of Village with the local recipes constitute a unique choice for eclectic well eaters.

Anegyrida sokaki Livadaki
sokaki house of Mayor
Platsa sokaki
enaerios view from Anegyrida
Koronos night Platsa
argokoiliotissa Atsipapi
koronos winter koronos view from amaxotos

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