The village Melanes is one of the more ancient settlements of Naxos. The name Melanes came from a fable very similar to the one of Roxanne at which, two brothers after duel for the governing of Naxos were killed each other in the area, where today is situated the Byzantine holy Church of Saint Georgios and, their sister ordered to be brought an Nigrescent (melanos) Tunic.

In of Fleriou point functioned the first faculties of sculpture where there are found the Kouros of Melanes, a piece of work of the 6th century B.C.(much older than Acropolis) and bethel of the sources (the house of archaic ages). Other important monument is the Tower of Jesuit. Is one medieval building that is dated roughly in 1680 A.C.. Perhaps it is the most important building of Middle Ages not only in Greece but also in Mediterranean.

In the existing monuments, characteristic also are, the roman aqueduct and the archaic aqueduct that were transporting water from Fleriou point to Chora of Naxos.(In our days four parts are saved in various points). Byzantine Churches of Saint Georgios, Virgin Mary of Kryptomatis, the resort of Sanoudos in the Kampones, the tower of Sanoudos in the Koyrnohori, the olive press of Demari.

Remarkable are the watermills, the green valley with olive groves and oranges the traditional taverns of the village. The residents deal with building works (from best artisan in Greece) and also with the livestock-farming.

Stayros Koytelieris
Resident of Melanes

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