Moni is situated up to a  green ridge of mountainous (central) Naxos and namely in altitude 500m.in the term Fanari. The natural position is so much wisely chosen and harmonic to an environment full of olives, vineyards, fruiterer trees, gardens with green vegetables and tomatoes and gardens with mellows and water mellows, that constitutes, admittedly, one of the most beautiful naturally "balcony" to Aegean Sea. Α "balcony" like a non expected, open embrace, that smiles openly to the sun and gazes into the impressive  landscape in front. This landscape, following the bubbling gargling stream with the old stone bridge precisely next to the village, overflow as a torrent in the roots, shaping initially a green basin full of cultures, while, unexpectedly it tears in two parts the mountainous volume and leads hedonically in the sea, that is visible from Moni, even if it is situated in distance of 20 km. from Chora of Naxos!

This incredible view, when the sky takes a clear blue colour, reveals everything around, far to the Aegean Sea and allows the observer to see even opposite at Paros. The view, therefore, this, in connection with the cultivated soil that come down from the ridge of Moni and extend in a big distance in front, surrounded by a ring of harmonic mountainous volumes in natural shapes of pyramids – with protagonist Za mountain, the "eagle shaped" mountain that inspired the great poetry Odysseus Elytis who described it precisely in the leading work "Axion Esti" (…as the shades above in the mountain, with the raise of  sun, create the picture of  aproud eagle µe open wings) renders Moni a unique energy place, that revives the body and the spirit in the minimum time and create a feeling of euphoria and energy to everyone that experiences this condition.

This place, even if it is “burned” by the sun and by the full Greek sky, does never “burn” humans. Ethereal dew overflows from everywhere and caresses the gardens, sending a handful golden but invisible rain above in the thirsty ground. Perhaps for this reason, precisely in this place, from ancient years, it was the natural place of Goddess of wisdom, that was worshipped in the Antiquity as "Athens drosos" and that later, when prevailed the Christianism, became "Virgin Mary Drosiani'". For this, however, remained the tradition that the icon of Virgin Mary of Drosonis "refresh"(drosizo) ', because she diffused dew in the environment, but also she “sweat” moreover, each time that Moni and the residents  were threatened by some danger, warning them thus, in time. This icon is situated in a very ancient palaiochristian chapel, in a small distance from the village. The church constitutes a very important monument with frescos even from the 6th century, concurrent or even more ancient from those at Ravenna. The older part of the chapel, with the primitive conical room and the three niches in the sides, is built with naked stonework and plates in the roof, while the place of manufacture leads as to the conclusion that there had been, probably, situated a  mausoleum up to a moment in the past.

Besides being a natural “battery” of energy, Moni, is a village that deserves to be visited by all that come in Naxos, thus is a traditional village with traditional old mansions home. Stone dominates everywhere in the architecture, thus the craftsmen of the stone of Moni were always famous and manufactured a lot of work (bridges, booms etc) all over the island. Thus, after you reach in the war memorial, in the beginning of the village, and after leaving there your car, you can walk in the graphic alleys of the village and to see first of all the paved with slabs small "platza" (square) of the village. At your walk, you will see two old olive presses and a remnant of an old Venetian Tower in Eastern part of the village and finally, the source of Moni and the well in the other end of village.

But not only the men of Moni are famous as craftsmen of Stone, famous, for other, reason, are also the women of the village. They are famous all over the world for their art in looming, thus they practise traditionally the textile art and they teach it with pious consequence to young girls.

Moreover, do not forget to visit the very interesting wood carving workshop, woodcut in olive, little more outside from the village, in the way to Halki.

Two other important occupations of residents of Moni, are cheese-making and vines. It deserves you to taste the pure flavour cheeses of pasturages, but also the wine that is produced by the households of the settlement, and not only the wine, but also the exceptional raki (arrack).  You can find all these in the restaurants of village and your can accompany with their “heady” sweet or peppery flavour, the traditional mezes (titbit) that you will be served hospitably there.

Do not forget, to order also homemade sweet of spoon or to buy some from the service shop of cooperative.

We are waiting for you, and not only wish, but we are sure for your pleasant stay in Moni, with the beautiful mountainous embrace, with the good company, but also the natural energy, the health, and the celestial dew!

Community of Moni

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