Monoitsia, a beautiful graphic settlement, is built on a ravine. The small rivulet flowing next to the village at past years often was becoming a big one, because of the rain and did not stop to flow, to babble, and to water the bushes and the trees, giving this way colour and fragrance to the landscape.

The village has few houses with trees in courtyards.

Walking around the village, in the last house, in the way that leads to the wash-houses, one huge age-long oak offers shade and dew to the visitor. If we decide to walk to Rachi, we can visit and admire the church of St Sideros, a royal order without cupola, which is an important relic of the Byzantine Ages. Old churches, as the Virgin Mary the Rachdiotissa which is situated a little outside the village, Saint Antonios, St Nikolas and St Vasilis (restructured) inside the village, testify the existence of long-lasting human presence.

Nowadays, the village is not inhabited by the descendants of older families, because of the absence of an infrastructure. Only a few individuals, mainly foreigners, appear to enjoy and prefer the calm of Monoitsia. Foreigners find the village so much attractive, that decide to create conditions of existence with their own expenses. The last years appears to be the choice for local who manufacture seasonal residence with ranch, in which they will find, for sure, the peacefulness that they need in the embrace of nature.

Eleni Salteri


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