A landscape that will not annoy your aesthetic. Opposite, the atmosphere in the three small dorps of Miloi that connect them a dreamed way, old watermills with enormous afoykles, the old aqueduct with the nice waterfalls, the graphic way between gardens with fruitful trees, platans, olives, and bearberries, a small number of good-hearted and polite residents of  the village. All together work in total for an unforgettable walking/itinerary.

You do not need a guide in order to visit. You just have to follow the running of water that will guide you from Koyrnohori to Miloi and from there to the ancient bethel of the sources and in ancient kouros of Melanes. They took the name after the lots watermills that are in all the way along the waters. The village is separated in three areas, Kato, Mesaio and Pano Milloi that belong in the Municipal apartment of Melanes and are located in the south-eastern part of homonym valley.

Kato Milloi: It is the first dorp where the scenic seems unusual for someone who lives in the city. It seems as the time has stopped a hundred years ago. You see low one-stored houses with the courtyards empty by humans, remains of an old-time age. One or two small rooms in order to settle a family with many children, the first one is the kitchen (maerio) and the reception and other one is the bedroom of the house. Outside in the courtyard that is more spacious, there is one room the “matzes” or “mytatos” a room for the animals and a second one the “foyrnario” that constituted the auxiliary hypostatic of the house.

Mesaioi Milloi: In the second dorp you distinguish a different newer season of decade 1930. A clump of 5 or 6 two-storied houses the one next to the other that they seem to fight for protection as they can feel the distress of the obvious abandonment. Wheeled do not reach here, with as a result the whitewashed paved with slabs paths to keep the beauty they have by the care of an old lady for enough time. The beauty and the elegance are innate heritage in to the housewives of the village. Handmade blinds dress the windows while splendid laces embellish the cupboards and other corners of the house.

Pano Milloi: following once again the running of water to the up mills the pictures of nature that you discover are unique. The element of water is sovereign here. The charm of the landscape is shown by the waterfalls and by the eternal running of waters as nature takes care of every detail and creates moments of magic. In Pano Milloi coexists old with new. Here become efforts for conservation and restoration of old houses that shows love and respect to tradition. And as you find yourself there it deserves the labour following the traditional path and always next to the running of water to reach up to Flerio that is the way in a row of an inexhaustible natural beauty.

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