Sagkri, the apple of Naxos eye!  The village is situated above a hill with the horizon open in front of it. It is named "small Mystras"  because of the abundance of Byzantine churches.

Inside the village, the famous monastery of Saint Eleftherios is situated, that functioned also as a secret school in the years of the Ottoman domination and today accommodates the Folklore Museum. Near the village is the most important archaeological site of the island, Gyroulas with the recently restored Temple of Demeter and a remarkable museum.

Gyroulas was rewarded in 2004 from the European Union and EUROPA NOSTRA "for the sensitivity that was demonstrated at the restoration of this important monument and the successful accord to environment".

The village is also famous for the venetian towers, two of which, devastated, are situated in Kato Sagkri, a preservable settlement, while a third, Palaiologou Tower, renovated, is in distance of 20 '.

But not only the Byzantine churches and archaeological sites make Sagkri stand out. It is especially the enchanting beaches with the white sand and the wonderful colors of the Sea.

Mikri Viglais a very famous beach with the rocky hill, which separates two beautiful beaches, wind protected Vigla and Orkos. At summertime, the champions of wind surfing gather in Orko to enjoy this sport, taking advantage of the cool meltemi of the Aegean.

After Mikri Vigla, the extensive beaches Kastraki and Glyfada spread to the bays of Alykos and a magnificent forest of small cedar trees come out on the white sand. It is a landscape of unique beauty in the island.

Alongside in these beautiful beaches there are many hotels, villas and rooms for visitors to enjoy a stay as much pleasant as it can be in a beautiful and hospitable environment.

Someone can enjoy the sun and sea there as anywhere else.


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