The Skado is a village with unique beauty, surrounded by trees that in summer can be sources of oasis and calm for visitors.

It is believed that took its name after the word “iskas – ados” that means fig, because there were many fig trees in the area or after “skiero”(shady) because of the shade of trees.

Inside the village there are beautiful bi-level houses, with the characteristics of local architecture, many of which have been abandoned.

At the edge of the village is the church of Panagia (celebrating, August 15), which, according to tradition, was built the period of Ottoman Domination. The church was started to be build but residents of the village had various rural work and had no time to complete it. One day a resident found in a mountain path an earring. He asked who might have lost it and he was told that the daughter of Pasha had come for a walk and maybe the earring belonged to her. He went then to Pasha and gave him the earring. His daughter was so happy that asked her father to give the man what he wants.

Pasha asked him what he wished and he replied that his only dream was to build the church.

From that day soldiers of Pasha was forbidding the residents to leave the village if they had not worked certain days in the church. So in a little bit of time the church of Virgin Mary was completed with the help of the Turks.

Skado belongs to the emery villages and t inhabitants «share» miners of emery and work on them. The dealing with the extraction of emery is perhaps the reason  for not having many farmlands or developed animal husbandry and for this reason many residents died by hunger in this village, the period of “Occupation” by German Nazi (there is also a monument with the names victims).

One of the two olive presses of Skado is situated at the centre of the village and sought to act as museum.

In the village there is a material rich in folklore collection of Marigos Pittara, worth visiting.

In Skado also operates the High School of mountain Naxos.

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