The biggest village of Naxos dominates in two parts “Glefaro” and “Pahidi” corresponding green glacis that are separated by a stream, a shows spectacular beautiful and grandiose. It is full of life and action. The summertime attracts a lot of people, locals and foreigners. The cafes, the pizzerias, the barbecue-shops and other sorts of shops are full of people. People of Filoti are proud for the over-age and very high platan, that in its shade have been discussed thousands problems, have been carried out inexperienced political discussions, have taken part all kinds meetings and appointment. This old-platan could say hundreds of stories if it could speak!

The natural beauty of Filoti is unique. In this preferential place locals, with the passage of centuries, were proved worthy creators of social and economic life structured in the humanity and in the honesty. Thus, today we enjoy a beautiful Filoti and a social life flourishing in her liveliness and authentic in the islander character. The Aegean Sea moral, that characterizes the social perception and practice of locals, has, fortunately, not been degraded by the self-alienation whirlwind of our times. Small squares, graphic alleys, ste(g)asta', full of flowers courtyards and all-white streets compose a unique greatness of fine taste and organisation. The visitor when he reaches the square should not fail to go a little above to the historical church of Virgin Mary Dormition, to see the white and architectural beauty, and to the museum exploitation buildings, which accommodate the Rural Cooperative of Filoti and the Association of Women.

If the uphill small road, in the hundred metres, to the church, proved tedious the visitor can rest in the shade of the platan at the old and historical square of Lahanario. For the visitor, who has free time, a walk around the village will turn out to be the most pleasant tiredness experience. There are so many for him to see and admire!

The athletic and theatrical centre "Emm. Barras ", the Technical and Professional Highschool, the I.P.T. (institute of professional training), the War Memorial, the Helideck, the court" Giagkos Gratsias ", the Elementary School, the Cultural Centre of Association of Filoti, the Tower, the source of Kalamos, the neighbourhoods with the graphic streets and the spruce houses, the alleys and churches, the street crossing the village, the cordial greeting by the ordinary and anonymous people, unselfish treating  that constitutes also noblest, consciously solidified, perception of spirit of hospitality. If the visitor goes to see also the rural regions of the village, this will complete his travelling happiness. Go up to the top of Za mountain, or via Levgason (where exists an ancient sign ΟΡΟΣ ΔΙΟΣ ΜΗΛΩΣΙΟΥ- mountain of Zeus Milosius) and Kaminion or from the Argious.

Also, he can visit the Faucet of Ario, the Spiliotissa, the Tower of Heimmaroy, the Kamino, the sea of Kalantos, Spedos, the pasture lands with the mitatos and stockyards, scattered (around 50 in Filoti) chappels, the Castle of Apalirou, he will pass seladia, he can go up to tops, he can smoke a cigarette with the shepards and have a  conversation with them and the visitor will feel the quality of bucolic emotion from the sound of bells and the playing of  tsampounas (music instrument), he can eat touloumotiri( traditional cheese of Naxos) with tomato and rest a little in the shade of prinies( tree). Even if these areas are barren, they are caterers and productive of tastiest and coveted animal husbandry products. This area has been tied up closely with the social and folkloric and economic history of the village, and still constitutes a area that is interwoven with the seductive mystery of pure nature.

However I pestered a lot the visitor. I invited him just for a coffee, in the Bridge, and he was found as a romantic wayfarer in the pasture lands. Now, it is time to offer to him something different. He will find this when he will return Filoti, where, if it happens to be present while the preparations of August 15, he will find so many to be happy about. Then the nights in Filoti are noisy with the street full of people that promenade and with the shops giving a sense of mental euphoria. And when the night comes, all these calm down, the visitor collects, as a last enjoyment of the night, the islander sounds of music and songs (mainly extemporary)became from the residents who are celebrating, in luminous flat roofs, certain important for them social events, as weddings and Christianising that.

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