Halki is a small, but unique large-village. It distinguishes for the old mansions with the tiles, the classic balconies with beautiful rails, festoons in the roofs and paved with slabs courtyards. It is situated next to a stream, with high platans and running water, in the water tanks washed their clothes in the past years, and small likeable all white gardens. Thousands visitors each year, experience a different sense of carelessness, enjoyment and exploration of a place that conjoin yesterday and today with success. Most houses are renovated and elegant and inform us proudly, for the prosperity of the very little residents in a season when the lif Halki is a small but unique village. The village stands out because of the old mansions with tiles, the classic balconies with nice rails, garlands on roofs and paved with slabs courtyards. Located beside the stream, with very high trees and running water, ponds, where used to wash clothes and engaging young evergreen gardens. Thousands of visitors each year experienced a different feeling insouciance, enjoyment and exploration of an area that successfully marries the past with today. Most houses are renovated and inform us with proud, for the welfare of those few people at a time when life in the other villages was very tough. That happened because of the location of Chalki up the road that connects all villages and therefore is an important commercial center.

Inside and around the village there are many ancient ruins, Byzantine churches full of frescoes and high Venetian towers.
Major monuments is Panagia Protothroni (6th  century AC), Saint George the Diasoritis (9th  century AC) and the Tower of Barotsi (Gratsia), a magnificent building was built in the early 17th  century by the Venetian family Barozzi.

The last years Halki has shown resurgence. There is the seat of Municipality, a County court, a notary's office, a land registry and various shops that serve alln the around area. Also, there is a very beautifully place for pastries, coffee and snacks, as well as a restaurant in the square of  the village with interesting and separate flavours that wait for the visitor in the summertime, under the shade and  the dew of the trees.

The distiller "Vallindra'", offers in the visitors and passer-by’s an exceptional drink, the citron, from distillation of leaves of citrons, which gives the chance to the visitor if he buy one bottle to travel mentally and remember the place of production, when he return back home.

Eminent textiles (handmade), prompt whoever sees them to admire them  and to ensure a keepsake from island, for him and for his friends.

Eleni Gratsia Salteri

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